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Making a Considered Decision

What is a good tattoo

Good tattoo is a piece of artwork etched into your skin which you will love long time after it has been done. To achieve such a thing there are some important steps you have to take to make sure your tattoo will turn into success.

First of all take time to think about what you want, where you want to place it and at times why you would like to get tattooed. Quite common is the looks or let’s say the esthetic value only and that is absolutely fine.

Secondly, make sure to choose an artists who suits your desired style of tattoo. Each artist has a favourite style and to find out what it is – simply look carefully at their portfolio.

It is of an utmost importance to get tattooed in a studio that is clean and complies with the health and safety standards.

Your chance of a good tattoo gets higher if you leave your artist an artistic space to design and execute your tattoo the way he/she feels as right. Of course based on your idea, reference and it is important to find mutual understanding.

Does it Hurt?

Your skin will be repeatedly punctured during the procedure and so you will experience some pain. The level of pain will depend on other factors:

  • Your pain threshold
  • Where you have the tattoo
  • How good your tattooist is.

Your tattooist may use local anaesthetic to numb the area, if you are too sensitive in the tattooed area. Please make sure that you request the numbing option way before your appointment to make sure it can be applied in timely manner.

Understanding the Whole Process

The tattoo studio should be clean and there should be no smoking within the studio. Inks should be decanted into little pots for your procedure only and then disposed of.

At Bohemian Tattoo Arts your tattooist will explain the procedure to you and take some personal details including some medical details.

Some equipment may be single use or disposable. This will be pre-packed in individual sterile packs. Reusable equipment is normally made of metal and this will be sterilised in an autoclave.

Before you leave the studio, your new tattoo should be covered and should be kept under a cover for at least couple of hours. This is to keep it clean and protected from outside elements. Afterall you have an “open wound”.

Your tattoo artist or customer desk personnel will explain how to look after your tattoo and give you recommendation about what creams to apply; what activities should be avoided such as sun beds and swimming. We have many aftercare products in stock that we have chosen for their excellent qualities.

The skin will take about 3-4 weeks to completely heal.

Choosing a Design

There are many criteria that affect the “right design”. 

  • You may have an image in mind that you have some special emotional attachment to. Many tattoos are conceived that way and it is absolutely fine and understandable. When the desired design have a specific sentimental value you could expect slightly less of an input by the artist. At the same time it is advisable to allow for some influence by the artists to make it a perfect fit.

  • You have seen something you have liked. Potentially this could give you the most tasteful and satisfying skin artwork out of all. It is essential to find the artists who fits the style you like. Then we advise to be very open minded to the suggestions and input by the tattoo artist. General rule is if you like what particular artist shows in his/her portfolio than let them create something amazing.

  • As previously discussed, each artist has a favourite style that they excel at. It’s recommended to look through artists portfolios to find what you like.

  • If you are really stuck for an idea, many artists have created tattoo flashes that you can choose as an option. These usually have a pre-agreed price too.

Changing Your Mind About a Tattoo

If you change your mind there are a number of ways for a tattoo to be removed but all be very expensive. Most common way is a laser tattoo removal. 

The procedure is painful and is not always successful.

Scarring often occurs and there may be a skin colour difference between your normal skin and the tattooed area.

An alternative approach is to undergo a cover up tattoo. This is a new tattoo that is designed and sized in a way  that it will disguise the old tattoo. Our artists have ample experience in this highly technical work. However, it is essential to schedule a consultation with an artist and be open minded about their suggestions. 

Considering all of the above, tattoos should still be considered as permanent and any remedial work should be undertaken as a last resort, as results cannot be guaranteed.

It is a big decision and should be thought through carefully.

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