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Bohemian Tattoo Arts

Founded in 2002 by a Czech born professional tattoo artist, Pepa T. Heller and his wife Jana. Their studio can be found in the heart of Tauranga CBD.

A true Bohemian by birth and a soul. Pepa has been honing his tattooing skills from the late 90’s in studios across Europe and Oceania.

He is an internationally recognised artist and an award winner from many tattoo conventions in NZ and abroad. The decision to start a studio was led by his passion to introduce new styles and improve upon standards in the area of body art.

Today Bohemian Tattoo Arts is a collective of top tattoo and body piercing artists found in NZ. We seek to work with distinctive, handpicked artists, so that Bohemian Tattoo Arts Studio remains synonymous with the best art and practices available today.

Ultimately our mission is to help you realise your inner self.

Our Services

Realistic Tattoo

An Insane level of realism

Tattoo realism is creating an artwork that is as close to reality as possible.

Realistic tattoos keep getting more insane by the hour, and ink aficionados can reap incredibly aesthetic rewards by the masters of this discipline.

The boundaries of realism are pushed in our studio every day.

Artist: Pepa
Design: Realistic Tiger

Ornamental Tattoo

Repeating Patterns and Shapes

Ornamental tattoos such as mandalas, laces or floral patterns are usually chosen for its decorative appeal and to accentuate the bearer’s body.

Artists: Veronica
Design: Viking

Black & White Tattoo

Beyond a single colour

Black & White and Greywash tattoos could be a bit confusing terms at times.

Applying tones ranging from white to black ink is called Opaque B&W.

Greywash on the other hand is a technique using tones of pure black and diluted black ink with water solution. Both tattoo techniques have their specific looks when healed.

It is best to consult with an artist, which technique would be most effective as the placement and the tone of your skin plays a role too.

Artist: Pepa, Design: Duckling
Artist: James, Design: Tiger


Connect with the land, people and tradition

Translated from Māori language as ‘marking the skin’ is a contemporary tattoo art form based on Tā Moko. This tattoo artform is very unique from the perspective of creation, the tattoo tells a story of the wearer and also a story of the tattoo process itself.

Mostly the design is created by the artists spontaneously and based on the story of the wearer. There are certain symbols and elements that have a set meaning from the Māori culture which can be introduced too.

At our studio Kirituhi is performed in a freehand form. After an initial consultation between the artist and the client, the desired meaning is established. At the day of the tattoo appointment artist draws the design on the skin while the client still can collaborate on the design. After the final sketch has been agreed upon the design is tattooed.

Artist: Pepa
Design: Tiki

Spontaneously Organic

recording the moment

We perceive tattoos as a special part of artistic expression… Also as a certain ritual.

I wonder how people approach it. How they choose a given motive; why they have a given place on their body; and how they chose the person who tattoos them.

Tattoos are connected not only to the person who wears it, but also to the person who created it. By being tattooed, you carry a piece of that person with you with you all the time. I like the idea of ​​tattoos as an “experience”, recording of a moment, a connection of two people.

I like being remotely connected with someone like that. Especially then when they are people who are close to me and whom I love.

It’s also a connection with myself … little messages from me, to me, about me.


Artists: Julie
Design: Foxes

Our work

Is Simply Breathtaking

We work with uniquelly skilled, award winning artists that are at the top of their game.

Their work speaks for themselves. Take a browse through our work to find the style that takes your fancy.

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 4.7 stars
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio_01

    Thank you Pepa and Team we love our tattoos and you guys are awesome…very cool place Garth and Naomi xx

    Garth Kirk
    Sept 2018
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio

    Awesome tattoo by Veronica who welcomed me with a huge hug and real enthusiasm for what she does which makes the whole experience awesome.

    Dianne Kober
    June 2019
  • The atmosphere was very welcoming and Veronica was a true gem.. She did an amazing job and was so easy going and friendly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone . Thanks so much Veronica, I will be back again 💖💖💖

    Janie Joy
    Feb 2019
  • sterile_disposable_equipment

    Comfortable, safe, disposable equipment, very hygienic, with excellent tattoo artists.

    Rafael Fontinele
    June 2018
  • The Service was great, the persons are so friendly and I got an appointment very quick. Big Thanks to James, he did an amazing job yesterday. I was really nervous but he was very kind.
    Read More

    Janine Praline
    Jul 2018
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio

    Fantastic Carla did an amazing job on my tattoo that was in memory for my dad. Will be going back again & will be recommending to my friends.

    Charlotte Tidman
    Jan 2019
  • I only got a small one but will definitely be going back. Great atmosphere and artists
    Incredible artists · Walk-ins welcome · Amazing results · Experienced tattoo artists · Beautiful results

    Tiffany Livingstone
    Feb 2019
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio

    We were warmly welcomed by the loving heart of Veronica. She gave us the biggest most welcoming hugs 😍 and we instantly felt so relaxed. Three of us girls coming to get a tattoo of remembrance for our friend Read more

    Brearna Barnes
    Jan 2019
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio_styles

    Talented tattooists, very clean, great atmosphere, I will be back.

    Lesley Sanderson
    Mar 2019
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio

    Had a wonderful experience at this tattoo shop. Walked in and felt welcomed and comfortable right away. James Jang took my idea of what I wanted and made it beautiful. Thank you!

    Janaya Bundgaard
    Jun 2018
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio_styles

    Amazing artists and great atmosphere. All the staff are lovely and down to earth and make you feel really comfortable. I traveled from Wellington to have my first Tattoo done here and it was totally worth it.

    Sapphire Levine
    May 2018
  • bohemian_tattoo_arts_studio_01

    (Translated by Google) Thank you very much Veronica for your good work. Good advice
    Precisely stung
    Nice personel. Top

    Vielen Dank Veronica für deine gute Arbeit. Gute beratung
    Exakt gestochen
    Nettes Personal. Top

    Aellen Kathrin
    Feb 2019
  • I would highly recommend this professional,clean and friendly establishment .
    Pepa is really knowledgeable and is very passionate about his craft.
    His attention to detail is out of this world. Thanks Pepa you are the man 🤙🏽🍺

    Missie Massey
    Apr 2019
  • Amazing fast and informative email service and very friendly atmosphere. Carla is awesome! Attentive, professional and very talented. In love with my new piece!! Highly recommended and will definitely be back with my next “project”!

    Thank you!

    Fernanda Akemi Azuma
    Sept 2018

Our Facilities

Studio with professional facilities

Clean, Safe and Hygienic

We don’t cut corners with our clients’ safety. We strictly use disposable tattoo supplies and maintain medical grade level of hygiene. Each station is cleaned and disinfected between each client.

Our tattoo artists have been trained on infection control and prevention. 

 You will receive advice how to look after your new tattoo and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Professional Support

Getting a tattoo in a studio gives you greater comfort and a peace of mind.

Our studio has been carefully designed to provide client privacy during tattooing.

We carry hundreds of colours of tattoo inks, all types of tattoo needles and care products in stock.

Our front desk staff are trained in the business and always happy to help.


Wide Range of Styles

We pride ourselves on working with hand picked top artists covering wide range of different tattoo styles.

Realistic, Black & White, Ornamental, Organic, Fineline, Dotwork, New Skool, Neo Trad, Kirituhi are amongst the many styles that we do.

We work with both female and male artists to ensure client preferences can be equally catered for.

Booking an appointment?

If you like our work and would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact our front desk by calling 075790080 or get in touch via a contact us page. Our artists will endeavour to work with you, to create a design that you will be proud to wear. Please note that artists’ availability is subject to change, so prior booking is advisable.