Pricing and Rates

Setting a price for a tattoo is like asking the proverbial “How long is a piece of string?” There are many factors that will influence the price. Complexity of the tattoo design, size, location on the body are but a few contributing factors.

Therefore, most commonly the price of a tattoo is based on an hourly rate of an artist. These are then set by the artists themselves. For larger work we offer discounted day rates and occasionally artists set a special price for flash designs.

In addition to our tattoo work we also perform body piercing. Our on-site piercing artist is available without prior booking. Please peruse our piercing services performed and related charges.

For artist hourly rates, day deals or special projects pricing, please contact the studio by calling 07 579 0080 or contacting the specific artist.

Tattoo Pricing

1 Custom Tattoo Hourly charges apply; Day rates available.
2 Flash Design Per item pricing
3 Minimum price for a tattoo 150
4 Deposit 1/2 day 100
5 Deposit full day 200

* All bookings require a deposit. Deposits will be deducted from the final price.

Appointment Policies

Before booking an appointment, please ensure your read through our policies. These have been carefully drafted so our clients understand how our business operates, what can be expected on the day and to prevent any disappoinment.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment for a tattoo, please contact the studio’s customer desk or an artist. The best and easiest way is to visit the studio. Alternatively you may wish use our contact from or call the studio on number provided.

ONLY when instructed by our staff or artist you can make a deposit. You will be told what amount and what reference to use.

Deposit Policy

All bookings require a deposit. Deposits will be deducted from the final price.

Deposits must be paid at the time of booking, when making a bank transfer we allow an extra day.

Our deposit rates are:

$100 for less than half day tattoo
$200 for a full day booking

No Show
In case you do not attend to your appointment with at least 48 hrs notice your deposit will be forfeited to recover the lost time of the artist.

No design changes to be made within 72 hours of tattoo appointment.

Deposit reference
As a guide reference is consisting of first letter of artists name and date. E.g. a deposit for Pepa’s appointment on the 6th of July the reference will be P0607.

Never make a deposit unless requested to do so.

Bank details:
ANZ: 01-0434-0231172-00

Design Information

Please send as much information as possible relating to your tattoo design, including design ideas, description and supporting images.

Please include the following:

Where on the body you’d like it to be placed
A measurement of the size you’d like
Colour or black and grey.
If possible a photo of the area where you would like to place the tattoo

Minimum Age Policy


Whilst Tauranga Coucil does not stipulate minimum age when it is permissable to get a tattoo, we fly on the side of caution. Bohemian Tattoo Artists subscribe to a voluntary code of practice of the tattoo industry, where it is generally agreed that the minimum age is 18 years. This may be relaxed in extenuating circumstances, such as tribal or cultural reasons. You would need to discuss this with the management of Bohemian Tattoo Arts, prior commencement of any work.

Piercing Info and Price Lists

  • All piercing includes jewellery.
  • Aftercare information sheet provided to the client.
  • No prior bookings required

Ear Piercing

wdt_ID Placement Price [$]
1 Rook 45
2 Snug 0
3 Daith 0
4 Tragus 45
5 Antitragus 45
6 Lobe 30
7 Cartilage 35
8 Industrial 65
9 Helix 35
10 Orbital 0
Bohemian Piercing - Ear
Bohemian Piercing - Face

Facial Piercing

wdt_ID Placement Price [$]
1 Nose - Nostril 45
14 Eyebrow 45
15 Nose - Bridge 55
16 Nose - Septum 0
17 Labret - Medusa 55
18 Labret - Monroe 45
19 Labret 45
20 Upper Lip 45
21 Lower Lip 45
22 Cheek 0

Other Piercing

1 Navel 60
2 Nipple 45

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