Pepa T. Heller

Captain Pepa

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StylesBlack & White, Blackwork, Realistic, Colour, Cover up, Fantasy, Māori, Polynesian

About me

I have been professionally tattooing since 1996, apprenticed under maestro Scott Ellis from USA living in beautiful Praha, Czech Republic.

I came to New Zealand in 2001 and fell in love with the beautiful country and its easy going people.

I love to do colour realism. I love to have freedom in execution while I appreciate my client’s idea of what they desire to achieve. I also have a passion for freehand Kirituhi tattoos which gives me a bit more freedom to create.


Moana. The Ocean is my greatest passion and a place to recharge. I love freediving/ spearfishing and this is a theme we could talk for hours.

Well, you can hit me on winemaking too and you will make my day. If you offer to go for a horse ride I will not hesitate as that once upon a time was my thing. All mentioned above and more sport activities I love sharing with my 3 adorable (most of the time) kids. 🙂


Nothing is impossible, but it has its limitations 🙂 End of story.

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