Bohemian Tattoo Arts NZ
Grey Street (State Insurance Building)
P: 07 579 0080
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We offer:
Professional tattooing, body piercing, branding & tattoo supplies for professional tattoo artists
Permanent tattoo artist:
Pepa Heller - Professionaly tattooing since 1996. I was initiated into this art by Scott Ellis (USA) in Prague, Czech Republic. Until 2000 I worked at Tattoo Hornet, Czech Republic, since then tattooing at a Zodiac Tattoo studio in Rotorua. In 2002 together with my wife Jana established Bohemian Tattoo Arts, Tauranga, N.Z.
As a guest artist I workedin Australia, Londonalong with Kamil at, Evil from the Needle studio alsoin London Uk.
I have been attending some of the worldwide tattoo conventions, my regular ones at this moment are Sydney Expo, Stockholm Ink Bash, New Plymouth N.Z. and Hamilton also N.Z.
I love maori and pacific styles that influance my Kiri Tuhi and also extremely enjoy realism and pretty much just anything that is beautifull and challenging. I welcome an inspiration from my customers, though they should be open minded to some, or a lot of changes and improvements. Everybody please feel free and welcomed to discuss your potential piece of art with me or with anybody from our experienced and helpfull team at Bohemian Tattoo Arts.
Permanent tattooartist:
Louis - started and apprenticeship in March 2010, very talented and friendly, already working on full time basis...
By Pepa
Body Piercer:
Jitka Oliv Rydlova professionaly piercing since 1998, very experienced and friendly...
Tattoo Supply:
By Oliv and Jana Heller
Netty - tattoo Netty Jihlava, Czech Republic January 2003.
Matthew Hazard-N.Z - Feb 2003 - March 2004.
Bara Koskova - Body Art Piranha, Praha, Czech Rep.- Nov 2004-Jan 2005.
ONDRASH - Tattoo Knockout, Prerov, Czech Republic March 2005-Aug 2005
Duke Riley - East River Tattoo, New York, Usa -December 2006
Ivana Belakova - Global Tattoo, Slovakia May 2007-June 2007
Kamil - Kamil Tattoos London
Brent - Evilfrom The Needle, London
K.T. Realist from Japan
Paja Biker, Paja Tattoo Liberec, Czech Republic
FabianDe Gaillande, Fabz Lab, Australia

Motto: Nothing is Impossible

In Bohemian tattoo shop you can find three independent work stations for tattooing, another separate body piercing work station, where hygiene and sterile environment is number one concern. Our shop was fully redecorated in October 2008. There are many international guest artist coming to work with us and our artists travel to the rest of the world to gain and share experience and represent our Bohemian art overseas . Our customers can choose from having their tattoo designed, we specialise in custom freehand work or you can get inspired by thousands of designs that we hold in the studio. Our favourite styles are maori and pacific based tattoos, old and new school, portraits, realism, celtic and many more...