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Bohemian Tattoo Arts Mo at Customer Desk

Artist Profile

PositionPiercing Artist, Front desk, Customer Service, Admin
OriginNew Zealand
StylesInterpretive Dance
DribbleI do my best not to anymore
Deviant ArtYes please

About me

I think what Pepa and I really connected on, on a deep, almost spiritual level, was my ability to cut the neck and sleeves off my t-shirts. I mean, I’ve never actually seen him wear a shirt like that, but I’m pretty sure this is why got me the job. And I’ve never looked back.


Semi-Professional Bird Feeder.

97% success rate while riding a bicycle.

Abnormally small wrists.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Booking an appointment?

If you like our work and would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact our front desk by calling 075790080 or get in touch via a contact form. Our artists will endeavour to work with you, to create a design that you will be proud to wear. Please note that artists’ availability is subject to change, so prior booking is advisable.

Tattoo virgin? Concerned?
Check our Tips & Tricks before booking.

Tattoo Matters


step one

Know the risks

Before getting a tattoo it is good to know what is involved, what are the potential risks and how to minimise them. If you are not sure, please read our Tips & Tricks and make sure you discuss any of your concerns with the artist.


step two

Think it through

It is good to have a good idea what you would like to get tattooed. Are you adding to an existing work, or thinking of something new? Our artists will discuss your ideas with you and guide you through the process. It is important that you carefully consider the chosen design, afterall you will be proudly wearing it for a long time.


step three

After care

Looking after your fresh tattoo is essential. There are number of skin conditions, like cellulitis that could occur as a result of poor care. After finishing on the day, the artist is going to apply a protective film over your skin. This is to protect it from the outside environment. Afterall, you have an “open wound”. Applying good quality moisturising cream to help with the healing process is recommended. You will be guided to best options available.