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OriginNew Zealand
StylesAbstract, Black & White, Blackwork, Micro realism, Realistic, Watercolours

About me

Born a Kiwi, I shared my life between Belgium and New Zealand, spending time in Greece and Australia I did not spend much time settling in.

I travelled most of my life, going from school to school, and then from job to job. From 3D animation to building kitchens, from secretary to cooking in the best kitchens. I soaked all the knowledge and experience I could. I dipped my toes in more trades I can remember and I got something from every single one of them, priceless life lessons.

Today, building a family, I am finally settling down I the country I always called home.

I’ve started tattooing in Australia in 2014 on the Gold Coast. Soon after in 2017, I opened my own studio in Noosa called BigFish Tattoo. After closing the studio in 2019, I moved to New Zealand and started working at Bohemian Tattoo Arts studio.

My Interests

I love cinema, japanese anime (dragon ball forever), rugby and food… yeah… I really love food!


Grab your tiller and sail straight!

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